With a 35% customer repurchase rate – BAOBAB launches on Republic

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BAOBAB launches on Republic

Disrupting the retail industry starting with the polo shirt

Versatile, durable, and sustainable polo shirt brand

The Highlights

• 800% revenue growth in 2 years; 150+ 5 star reviews
• Awarded “Best New Polo Shirt of the Season” by Men’s Journal
• 35% customer repurchase rate & 87% of those buy multiple shirts
• Innovation Award for No Curl Stay Flat Collar™
• Proprietary fabrication process BAOTECH™
• Featured on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” Yahoo Finance, Heavy, Bleu Magazine
Menswear is outdated, and there is no good option for quality clothing at reasonable prices. It is hard to find brands that make clothes with consistent quality year after year that do not shrink, fade, stain or quickly lose shape.

BAOBAB provides unparalleled quality apparel at affordable prices for the modern professional with a priority on providing customers with the best possible shopping experience.


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