With over $445k in direct sales – Wayzn launches on Republic

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The Highlights

• Winner of 7 awards, including CTA 2020 Smart Home Mark of Excellence Award
• Safe and secure integrated technology platform with advanced AI learning
• Over 3,000 orders taken; now shipping with high customer satisfaction
• $445k+ in direct sales | $220k+ on Indiegogo
Today, many dog owners must return home frequently to give their pets exercise and to avoid accidents. Existing pet doors are often unsightly, poorly insulated and a security risk, leaving very few options for pet owners.

Wayzn is leading the transformation toward windows and doors that open and close intelligently, without manual intervention. Their first product, Wayzn for Doors, gives people the freedom to let their pets out from anywhere, anytime. It turns your existing sliding glass door into a smart, automatic pet door.


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