XX Demo Day: Invest in 13 Startups from WeFunder Fighting COVID-19 ๐Ÿ’ช

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XX Demo Day:
13 Startups Fighting the Virus

Our “Fight the Virus” program invested in the top 1% of startups who applied. We mentored them for 3 months. Now, you can invest in them.
โ€ข We invested in the top 1% who applied. Only 12 of 2,500 applications were selected by experienced angel investors, PhDs, scientists, and Y Combinator (YC) alumni.

โ€ข Working to improve and save lives. Vaccines, therapeutics, testing labs, delivery robots, infection prediction, VR remote work, and more.

โ€ข Mentored by YC alumni for 12 weeks. Startups met with our mentors weekly. Mentors include founders of startups like Disqus, Lucira Health, Human Interest, Starsky Robotics, and Kabam.

โ€ข Prestigious Lead Investors. Invest alongside experienced investors including Joseph Huang (CEO of Stanford’s Start X), Daniel Ha (Founder of Disqus), Luke Iseman (YC’s former Director of Hardware).

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Kiwibot โ€“ Robotic system that helps companies deliver safely and timely to their customers.
โ€ข Raised $5M+ previously. Completed 100,000+ deliveries worldwide. $400K in revenue.
โ€ข Board includes Joseph Huang (CEO of Stanford’s StartX). Advisors include Andrew Savage, founding team member of Lime (partnered with Uber).
Grapevine โ€“ Building the future of giving, with online communities.
โ€ข 4,000+ donors. $1M+ given to charity.
โ€ข CEO has Harvard MBA. CTO is a serial Founder/CTO with 2 prior acquisitions and raised $20M+ from a16z.
Stark Therapeutics โ€“ Changing the way the world treats chronic diseases with gene therapy.
โ€ข Working on a COVID-19 vaccine and gene therapy for type II diabetes.
โ€ข Produced 1,000 doses during XX program. Can easily scale to 100,000+ doses in a few more weeks.
LiteraSeed โ€“ Visual-based communication for doctors to effectively assess patient condition.
โ€ข Pilots already running with Valleywise and one of the largest providers in CA serving ~2M patients.
โ€ข Saving hospitals ~$5M/year avoiding malpractice and increasing revenue by improving customer satisfaction.
Petri Bio โ€“ Next-generation of therapeutics from gut microbes.
โ€ข Founded by 2 PhD scientists (3 patents and 14 publications). 2nd-time founder (YC Alum).
โ€ข Patent-pending treatment for COVID-19 under evaluation by a pharma company for sponsorship.
AP Racing โ€“ Teaching people Machine Learning by having them race autonomous cars online.
โ€ข The opportunity to fix an education system overdue for help.
โ€ข Founding team with deep experience in Machine Learning and the autonomous vehicle industry.
Inventr โ€“ Helping deep tech companies automate the patent process.
โ€ข 30+ LOIs from companies funded by YC, DCVC, StartX, Techstars, and more. The United States Patent and Trademark Office uses Inventr.
โ€ข Founding team of experts in deep tech, patents, and NLP. Worked in companies such as Google and Amazon.
Wingspan Health โ€“ World’s first robo-advisor for your health.
โ€ข Integrated with 300+ health systems in less than 6 months with $0 funding. 30% month-over-month organic user growth.
โ€ข $50K investment from XX Team, $50K from President of Wealthfront, and $15K grant from YC.
Soraban โ€“ Helping CPAs give companies financial reviews 10x faster.
โ€ข 50-70% more affordable than competition. Launched a paid pilot with Wefunder.
โ€ข $15K grant from YC and $20K investment from XX Team.
MedMe Health โ€“ Care platform empowering pharmacies to move beyond just selling drugs.
โ€ข Platform live in 143 pharmacies across 6 provinces. Enterprise pilots representing 3500+ pharmacies.
โ€ข On-track for $60K MRR by end of 2020.
Immersed โ€“ Work with your remote team in a virtual workplace.
โ€ข Partnership with Facebook to roll out to millions of Oculus users in the next few weeks.
โ€ข Went through Techstars Chicago ’17 and previously raised almost $2M.
Pristฤ“em โ€“ Take care of the clothes you love.
โ€ข Backed by Alchemist Accelerator (#1 B2B). Cleaned 1,000+ outfits โ€” 200+ users, 70% retention, 4.9/5 customer satisfaction.
โ€ข Raised $915K from top angels and a hardware VC in NYC. Founding team has previously worked at Uber, IBM, and Pratt & Whitney.
3C Bio โ€“ Mobile COVID-19 diagnostic laboratories โ€“ 2,400 rtPCR tests per lab/day.
โ€ข Labs will be built in 53′ semi-trailers or 40′ ISO containers. Deployable worldwide. Massive Scalability.
โ€ข 2,400 tests per day/per mobile lab. Automated robotic protocol, lower costs, same day results.


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